About Us

We innovate new Technologies and manufacture high quality products.

  1. Welcome to HOWLADER GROUP. The Group is Established in 1997 & consisted of several companies. We deal in software development & other products as mentioned in the ERP Modules & Products List. Our software are developed on Desktop, Web & Mobile based Technology. We innovate new Technologies and manufacture high quality products.
  2. Nature of Business :
    1. a) Software Development
    2. b) Manufacturing
    3. c) Imports
    4. d) Exports
  3. Brand Name : FAITH
  4. Products Standard : High quality & International standard.
  5. Business Policy : Win-win partnership.
  6. Purchase Policy : We purchase only high quality products without any defect at competitive price. 100% payment by LC.
  7. Sales Policy : We sell only high quality products at competitive price. We sell at Fixed price & no bargaining at all. 100% payment by LC, Pay order or Account payee cheque.
  8. Business Networks : We have extended our business networks to many countries in EUROPE, AMERICA, AUSTRALIA & ASIA. We serve our valued clients at the top most priority.
  9. We deal in software development & other products. We have developed FAITH ERP for complete business solutions as mentioned in the ERP Modules. Other products list is also mentioned in the Products List. The trial version of FAITH ERP is free.
  10. We have developed a very large ERP for JAMUNA OIL COMPANY LTD (JOCL) in 2011. JOCL is a fully Bangladesh Government organization. The ERP is successfully & smoothly running in JOCL for many years. Our ERP is the first & largest successful ERP in Bangladesh.
  11. Our software are running in JAMUNA OIL COMPANY LTD (A fully Bangladesh Government organization), YOUNGONE (Korean multi-national company), BEPZA (Bangladesh Export Processing Zone) along with many other companies in the world.
  12. We recruit only dedicated & hard working people. Dedicated & trained up people are working in HOWLADER GROUP to create high quality products. We regularly update our quality & create new products.
  13. We strongly believe that success comes from honesty, dedication & hard work. Success does not come from certificate, magic or miracle. Success must come if there are honesty, dedication & hard work.

We always highly appreciate complaints & suggestions from our valued clients to improve our quality. Please contact us for more information.